The EU has set the stage to empower semiconductor manufacturing in Europe being one of the key drivers for innovation and employment and creator for answers to the challenges of the modern society. Aim of IoSense is to boost the European competitiveness of ECS industries by increasing the pilot production capacity and improving Time-to-Market for innovative microelectronics, accomplished by establishing three fully connected semiconductor pilot lines in Europe: two 200mm frontend (Dresden and Regensburg) and one backend (Regensburg) pilot lines will be facilitated to enable the production of innovative sensor system components. Focus will be on the availability of top innovative, competitive sensors and sensor systems “Made in Europe” for applications in Smart Mobility, Society, Energy, Health and Production. Today competitors are already involved in the development of sensor systems for applications in the emerging “Internet of Things”. But there is a significant gap between those forces and the capabilities to bring ideas into the high volume market fast enough. IoSense will close this gap by providing three modular flexible pilot lines being seamless integrated in the IoT value crating networks and ready to manufacture each kind of sensor system prototypes.

IoSense will increase the manufacturing capacity of sensor/MEMS components in the involved pilot lines by factor of 10 while reducing manufacturing cost and time by 30%. IoSense is designed to enable focused development work on technological as well as application oriented tasks combining with market orientation. “Design to Market Needs” will be accomplished by customer involvement, embedding all required functionality besides sensors. Finally, the time for idea-to-market for new sensor systems is intended to be brought down to less than one year. IoSense aims to cooperate with other highly specialized manufacturing lines and other European pilot lines focusing on different technologies. As a result, semiconductor manufacturing will get a new boost in Europe enabling the industry with competitive solutions, securing employment and providing answers to the upcoming challenges in the IoT era.


MINECO & ECSEL Programme H2020




2016 – 2019